Sunday, March 20, 2011

love the way you are~

i needs hand to hold your hand,, but i don't needs hand to hold your heart...i would rather stay away from you so you will not hurt once again,,but i will never forget to remind you how much i love you,, as much as blue ocean ,, as bitter as panadol,, as beautiful as you ,, ladies in purple, i would say i love you if you could give me a chance to prove how much i love you,, but i know, the day will not coming,, that words will not come from my mouth,, as i used to hurt your heart,, until that day comes, i will keep in silent,, because i will see your smile from my heart,, i will hear your voice from my heart,, i will love you from my heart,, all that i want u to know dear,, u will always remain in my heart and my mind until the day i die~


  1. waaaaa....

    ak rasa macm tak nak menyibuk kat entry jiwnag ni.. tapi da alang2 masuk so terpaksa la menyibuk jugak.. :P