Sunday, March 20, 2011

SORRY seems to be the hardest word~

SORRY,, easy to say, hard to forgive,, easy to forgive,hard to forget,, if the word SORRY is high in value,, how many of you willing to pay for it? or you rather to shut up your mouth and keep "zip" your mouth,, until everything will turn back as usual,, you rather acts like nothing happens.. if the words is so expensive, i will pay for it,,as long as i can make you smile once again,, =) .. .. even sorry seems to be the hardest word ..


  1. kalo ada status LIKE kat sini.. dengan segeranya ak like :P

  2. ajar??? waaa.. jadi cikgu erh.. mahu mahu.. nanti pastuh belanja.. ;p

    yang pertama sekali..
    saya budak vilages punya pages tuh.. ko kena wat yang likes nyer pages la.. bukan yang nih.. y nih payah.. orang kena add.. ahahaha..

    itu saja untuk hari ini.. ;p